Hi, my name is Ray Archee. I am a custom guitar maker of archtop, classical, and acoustic guitars.  The photo above is a copy of the Benedetto Terida shipworm archtop. Mine has a cutaway.

In 2005, I studied guitar making with Gerard Gilet, and his associates, and am still based at the old workshop, 6 Booralee St Botany, Sydney, Australia with Darrell Wheeler.

I like to make different kinds of instruments using a range of domestic and overseas woods. I use carbon fibre, Nomex and employ mainly spruce, rosewoods and American hardwoods.

I specialise in custom-sized instruments of various scale lengths. I do not believe that a guitar should be too large for a player’s hands. Guitars should fit the person.

My guitars are played by Steve Brien, Josh Hindmarsh, and other friends. I do not advertise much, and work slowly taking about 6 months to finish a guitar.


Here is an archtop I made from blue stained sitka spruce from Alaska.  Spruce posts have been stained by iron spikes that stains the wood blue, not red. Scale length here is 620mm, width across body 16ins.

Interested further?

 +61 413 149 824 


Here is my newest classical, an 11 string guitar for Baroque music, using Primavera back and sides. The upper bout cutaway is so I can move the bridge to the middle of the body. Scale length here is 620mm, and the guitar is loud due to the extra resonance of the bass strings, and the radial bracing.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in commisioning a new guitar.

I do not charge a lot of money. Prices start at AU$3,000 depending on woods and hardware.

+61 413 149 824

Unit 5, 6 Booralee St, Botany, Sydney, NSW 2019

For Sale

  1. Acoustic Medium Jumbo Honduran RW/Adirondack, Ray Archee, 2005 – $3000 ono
  2. Acoustic Triple O African Blackwood/Italian Spruce, Ray Archee, 2020 – $6000 ono
  3. Brazilian RW/EU Spruce Classical, Paracho MX 2000 – $3500 ono
  4. Cypress/Spruce Flamenca blanca, Paracho MX 2000 – $500 ono
  5. Indian RW/Spruce Flamenca negra, Paracho MX – $1500 ono
  6. Indian RW/Spruce Flamenca negra, Spain – $500 ono
  7. Cypress/Spruce Flamenca, Spain, Raimundo – $600 ono
  8. Mahogany/Spruce acoustic nylon string, Furch – $500
  9. Ibanez 7 string archtop jazz guitar, Japan – $2500 ono
  10. Howard Roberts archtop copy, Malaysian Blackwood/Adirondack, 2005, Ray Archee – $2000 ono
  11. Double top archtop, D’Aquisto Centura copy, Ray Archee, 2019 – $3000 ono
  12. Telecaster copy, luthier made, USA Graphite neck 2006 – $800 ono
  13. Vintage Charvel electric, USA – $500 ono
  14. Flamenca blanca, double cutaway, cypress/spruce, Ray Archee, 2010 – $2000 (SOLD)
  15. Vintage Aria full hollowbody thinline, Japan – $600 ono
  16. Near new PRS Santana electric copy, Japan – $750 ono
  17. Double top Flamenca blanca, cypress/spruce, Ray Archee – $2000 ono

For pictures send me an email please quoting the number of the guitar above. To audition the instrument I can be located at Unit 5, 6 Booralee St, Botany, Sydney, NSW 2019.

Mobile +61 413 149 824
Email: rarchee@gmail.com